Client Testimonials

** Becky Hammon - "Linda, You've done a great job with running and maintaining my website. I'm absolutely thrilled about the job you've done with keeping my fans updated with news, pictures, etc. You're very prompt and on top off all the latest news in the basketball world. It eases my mind to know that you're well informed, and understand what I would and wouldn't want on my website. So thank you for everything that you do."


** Jacki Gemelos -"I'm not gonna lie,when Linda first approached me about doing my a website for me I wasn't very interested because I thought there had to be more to it. I thought to myself... there's no way she will run a website for me to basically make me look good. She was so persistent with making my site happen I had no choice but to go with it. It ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only have I built something incredible with this woman, but I have also built a friendship as well. Her work is one of a kind and her heart and passion separate her from anyone else. I can't thank Linda enough for all her work she has put into my site and everything else. Opportunities have seriously came my way left and right because Linda has made me a priority in her work life. So Linda... Thank you for everything you've done for me."


** Eric R. Wiesel, Esq. - "Linda is exceptional at what she does - that rare professional who personally cares about what she does and who she does it for. She has great ideas and vision - as well as the high level technical ability to make them a reality. I trust her and her work without hesitation."


** Renee Montgomery - "Working with Linda and Digital Media Mafia has been a dream. She's very prompt in updates and anytime I give her a concept of what I would like on my website she makes it better than I had pictured. Her availability has also been a strong point. It doesn't take her long to respond and get changes that I need done. I've gotten many compliments about my website and how professional it looks. I would strongly recommend Digital Media Mafia to small businesses, big business, and personal pages... Yes she's that good."


** Charde Houston - "Digital Media Mafia exceeds expectations. I am pleased to say that everything is done is a timely manner and just the way that I want it! Linda isn't happy until I am happy. I am blessed to work with a business that excepts nothing but the best. It is shown in their work everyday. You can't say that about every business."

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